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Djungle Labs is now MediaFormat.

Looking for more examples? See the old Djungle Labs site.

Did you know I also produced music? See this portfolio I made in flash to showcase my music, this is from before myspace. The Audio Side of Djungle Labs.

About Me

I am a web designer, developer and webmaster with years of experience working with a diverse client base. From Non-profits, Consulates, and Start-ups, my goal is to make websites that are easy for you to use, and adaptable to the media your clients use to find you.

I started developing websites using frames, eventually moving onto tables, and finally cascading into style sheets. These days I use a content management system called Drupal, a wonderful plugin called Firebug, and a text editor called Smultron.

When not in front of the computer working on websites, I am playing Capoeira, a brazilian play-fighting system based on call-and-response, and including a host of musical instruments. Axe.


Web Consultant

Djungle Labs, 2007 - 2014

Development, Design, and Maintenance of client websites.

Web Developer

Hypratek, 2008

HTML, CSS, Javascript integration for portal.

Fundraising Supervisor and Team Leader

Public Outreach, 2003 - 2007

Trained new employees, managed teams, recruited new donors.

Information Technology Intern

Promutar Bolivia / Oxfam Québec / NetCorps, 2002

Designed website for women’s organization, trained staff to update it.

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